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Founded in 2001 by Brian Neumeyer, the Samba boys premier soccer program has competed at the highest level of play within the state of Connecticut and in the Northeast.  The program has won 6 state Cups as well as more than 25 tournament titles since it's inception.  Samba joins the CFC Nation this year to strengthen a growing boys program.  Together with the CFC Gunners branch, Samba will form CFC West at the development ages.

Samba teams train in Newtown year round, using the NYA Indoor facility during the winter months.

The program's goal is to provide high quality training (both individual and team) combined with extremely competitive play in the Connecticut premier leagues as well as highly rated out of state tournaments.  The partnership with the CFC boys program will enable the branch to offer the same excellent Samba program with even more development opportunities for members.

For more information contact Brian Neumeyer, Director, or Ted Haley, Program Administrator at 

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