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by posted 03/17/2020

Hello CFC South Families!
Over the past week we have seen unprecedented events of which have disrupted our daily lives. While inconvenient, these measures seem necessary to protect public health. It is important we all do our part to protect not only ourselves but more importantly those most vulnerable within our community. 
As young soccer players we are growing creatures of habit and routine. We also have a deep passion for the sport we love. I am sure you are all anxious to get back to our normal routine and so are your coaches. In an effort to keep our young players engaged the club has sponsored several training initiatives that our CFC Coaches will be actively engaging in with our players through Virtual Coaching. The Goal is to stay connected with our players and help all of you continue to develop and grow as players while also providing some soccer routine and structure to your weeks. Your Coach will check in with you on your normal CFC Training Days. Check your email on your training  days for instructions from your CFC Coach.
Virtual Coaching Initiatives:
Initiative #1:
The club has purchased a virtual training app called Techne Futbol  This app is being offered to all of our players for free and will be used by you and your coach to design individual training programs to continually guide your development. Last night  you should have received an invitation to join Techne Futbol. All of our teams have been loaded to the system so please follow the prompts to get started. 
Last night an email was sent out to all of our players across the entire club. The club has purchased a training app for all players which they will have access to free of charge. TechneFutbol is an individual soccer training app.  You, as their coach will also have access to the app and be able to follow the players on your team as well as guide and instruct them along the way. You should have received an invitation to join Techne Futbol App. 
Initiative #2:
Your Coach will work with you and your team to follow ours Soccer Fitness program. This program was designed by CFC Coach Diego Lopez. It is easy to follow and includes YouTube videos to better depict each exercise. You can find the workouts at https://www.premierfa.com/workouts
For any questions please contact Diego directly Diego@premierfa.com  or your coach. 
Initiative #3:
This is a fun initiative the club created to get our players to interact and have some fun. The #CFCSkillsChallenge (use this hashtag) is a social media initiative where players can post their skills for a chance to win CFC Gear. Players should wear CFC Team Apparel and tag the CFC Nation social media pages.
We hope this helps all of you get back into a routine and stay connected with your CFC Team and Coaches! The CFC Program and Coaches are committed to our players and look forward to staying connected during this period of social distancing. 
Stay vigilant, stay safe and be well.  Please reach out to me at jonathanbradley@usa.net with any questions.
See you all soon!
Jon,Mike,Rich,Alistair,Billy,Linda and Lamin

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